GIBO Groep Mainsponsor Tournament !

We are very proud that GIBO Groep has signed a contract as mainsponsor of our international tournament! This means the sponsor has given her name for the tournament,its now: GIBO Groep International Tournament!

Sinaai Girls won Cupfinal in Belgium!

Sinaai Girls won the Cupfinal against Anderlecht in Belgium,after the 1-1 draw they were the best after penaltys. Both clubs are participating our tournament,maybe Anderlecht get revance.

Anderlecht 3th topteam from Belgium at the Tournament

Anderlecht is the 3th team from the Belgium Highest level who's participate in this Tournament. This topclub is for the third time at the tournament in Sexbierum.The Organisation is very happy with this club.

Sinaai Girls the nr 3 from Belgium are comming to Sexbierum

Sinaai Girls the nr 3 from Belgium and cupfinalist is comming to Sexbierum also. Trainer-Coach Tamara Cassimon is very glad that they can play at the tournament and have in pre-saison such great opponents.

Lierse SK is joining us at the Tournament

Lierse SK the proffesional club from Belgium is joining us at het International Tournament in Sexbierum. Lierse SK is going to proffesionalise the womansteams and work together with Vlimmeren Sport from the Highest level in Belgium. Nikki de Cock the captain from the national belgium team is joining Lierse SK next year,Nikki is playing in Holland at Willem 2 in the Dutch profdivision,and played before at RSCA Anderlecht. We are very proud that Lierse is joining us at the tournament.

2 topteams from Belgium at the Tournament???

Lierse SK and RSC Anderlecht will decide next week about join the tournament,these two topclubs from belgium would be great opponents for the other clubs,Anderlecht was in 2004/2006 also at the tournament in Sexbierum.

Lutgendortmund second German topteam at AVC Tournament!!!!

also regionalligaclub Lutgendortmund will be at the tournament again,we are very happy to have them back this year Be Quick Zwolle the nr 1 in the second division in Holland is also joining us!

2 times Champion Hamburger SV also back at the AVC International Tournament in 2010!!

Winnaar 2008

Bundesligaclub Hamburger SV the winner of the tournament in 2006 and 2008 is back to defend their title in 2010. The club with the same staff as 2006(trainer Achim Feifel and assistent Javier Navarro) will be there for the 3th time now.WHO'S NEXT...

AVC International Tournament in 2010!!(update 27/10/2009)

The next AVC International Tournament will take place on 30th and 31th of juli 2010.For more information you can mail