Information Edition 2010

The tournament will take place at the 30th and 31st of july 2010. Why on this date? Because our experience is that clubs like a high quality tournament in pre-season. These two days fit best with most European top competitions. Clubs can combine a tournament with a training camp. Clubs are in general obliged to be present on Friday, although exceptions can probably be made. Two nights of accommodation are needed.


Sport accommodation "Lytse Trije" in Sexbierum. All tournament matches will take place on the two pitches of this accommodation. Friendly matches and training will also be organized at surrounding sports accommodations.


At the AVC Tournament the most important thing is to have a high quality line-up, not a high quantity line-up. In general all clubs must participate at the highest level of their respective country. There are three exceptions.

1. The host AVC Sexbierum will play the tournament.

2. Clubs from the second level of Germany, England, Sweden, Norway and France are also allowed to participate.

3. The tournament committee can give one Wild Card to a team normally not allowed. This can be a national team, a selection team or a regional team.


Clubs will play 3 or 4 matches of 40 to 45 minutes, dependent on the number of teams that will participate. We strife for a line-up with between 8 and 12 teams. Apart from the tournament AVC can help arrange matches against different strengths of teams.


For a number of clubs there will be fields available for training possibilities on AVC's own property. If these fields are not sufficient to host the number of clubs interested we can help find appropriate fields at accomodations in the surroundings.

Further AVC can search actively for suitable accomodations for participating teams to spend the night. Check "Accomodation" in the menu of this website where already several addresses are listed.


On Saturday AVC will probably organize a prize-giving ceremony in the Village Hall. This will be an evening where the different top teams can exchange their views on the women's game and of course have some fun and dancing.


The different games of the tournament will be guided by high level of arbitration. There will be Dutch FA official referees and assistant referees. All referees will at least be of Dutch women's premier league level.

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