Michaele Howell from Watford ladies made 12 goals in 6 matches,and so she is the best striker from the tournament. here the complete list :(2 goals or more)

1. Michaele Howell  Watford ladies  12 goals  (6 matches)
2. Tanja Vreden  Hamburger sv  6 goals  (6 matches)
3. Claudia v/d Heiligenberg  AZ Alkmaar  5 goals  (6 matches)
  Brenda Eefting  sc Heerenveen  5 goals  (6 matches)
5. Katrin Patzke  Hamburger sv  4 goals  (6 matches)
6. Helen Lander  Watford ladies  3 goals  (6 matches)
  Tugba Tekkal  Hamburger sv  3 goals  (6 matches)
  Kim Kulig  Hamburger sv  3 goals  (6 matches)
9. Aukje Kuiken  AVC Sexbierum  2 goals  (5 matches)
  Hade Heyrman  DVC Zuid-West  2 goals  (5 matches)
  Sylvia Woudberg  sc Heerenveen  2 goals  (6 matches)
  Lotte Jongsma  sc Heerenveen  2 goals  (6 matches)
  Latoya Mitchell  AZ Alkmaar  2 goals  (6 matches)
  Chantal de Ridder  AZ Alkmaar  2 goals  (6 matches)
  Celine van Velzen  HTC Zwolle  2 goals  (5 matches)
  Petra Rolink HTC  Zwolle  2 goals  (5 matches)
  Stefanie Ninclaus  DVC Zuid-West  2 goals  (5 matches)

sc Heerenveen wins Fairplay cup

every referee had to fill in a form and give their points for fairplay every match. sc Heerenveen won this competition and went home with this cup!

Hamburger SV again winner of tournament 2008

Winnaar 2008

SC Heerenveen plays mutual game

Saturday the 26th of juli the ladies of SC Heerenveen came in actions to play a mutual game.Striking was that teammanager Simone Hof also appeared on the field.next to the new accessions and the internationals Nangila van Eyk,Marije Brummel and Sylvia Smit. The new young talents Sylvia Woudberg,Shishut Hau and Goalkeeper Lotte Wiekamp also came in action. International Sherida Spitse could not play due to an injury ,but she expects to be able to play again next week. A disappointment was that midfielder Linda van Beekhuizen had to leave the field due to an ankle injury and even had to go to the hospital to make fhoto's.It was i lively game and the ladies seem extremely fit for the confrontation with the foreign teams.

Lutgendortmund also win their third match!

In the third and last friendly match before the tournament starts,lutgendortmund won again,Concordia Flaesheim was the opponent this time. in the first half lutgen leads 5-0 and was playing very good,but the second half Condordia scored 2 goals ,but it wasn't enough, so lutgendortmund won their third match.

Lutgendortmund - sv Korne 83 4-0!

Lutgendortmund did win also their second match,tis time against sv Korne 83 4-0.So our german participant,with serveral new players is starting very good in pre-season,and seems to be ready for the international tournament next week.

Lutgendortmund starts with 11 goals in first match!

Lutgendortmund the new 2nd bundesligaclub won their first friendly match against Berghofen with 11-1! thursday they will play their second friendly match ,against sv Korne 83.

AVC started with first training!

Saturday july 19,AVC Sexbierum started their preparation for the tournament,not all the players where there,but most of the girls are back from there holiday.After the first training the girls and staff had a lunch,monday and wednesday they will train again. And several girls will come back from vacation,and join the team of the tournament organising club.

News From Dortmund!

Lutgendortmund started their season last sunday with the first training,the new 2nd Bundesliga club has 6 new players,Julia van den Berg and Carmen Israel they come from bundesligaclub SG Wattenscheid 09,Sandra and Carina Glahn from SG Essen Schonebeck, Svenja Klimke (TSV Ihmert) and Sabrina Kleifges(Wattenscheid)make the new team complete!The first friendly match is next sunday against SV Berghofen. staying in 2nd bundesliga is the goal of this tournament participant this year!


We are searching for a good opponent for our Team North (players from first and second level in holland) this game is held on 31 of july at 19:30 in Sexbierum (The Netherlands).For information please mail me valktjamme@hotmail.com

Friendly matches off tournament participants

20-07-2008 Lutgendortmund - sv Berghoven
24-07-2008 Lutgendortmund - sv Korne 83
27-07-2008 DVC Zuid-West - KVK Tienen
27-07-2008 Lutgendortmund - Concordia Flaesheim


Unfortunately B-36 cancelled their participation ,but we are very pleased that the winner of the international tournament in Gramsbergen is joining us and so we have a very good and strong opponent for our topteams!


Unfortunately our Belgian friends from kvk Tienen had to cancel their participation, but we are very pleased that the strong English team Watford FC were willing to take their place. This gives the tournament a different international dye. With participants from Germany, Belgium, Faroe Islands, The Netherlands and now also from England. Watford is nr. 6 in England and is highly classified. With this team the list of participants is complete and the tournament has an even stronger competition that the previous time! With the experienced coach Sian Williams at the top (ex-player of the great Arsenal), this team will surely exceed the expectations


List of participants:

01.Hamburger SV (Germany)
02.Watford LFC(England)
03.AZ Alkmaar (The Netherlands)
04.SC Heerenveen (The Netherlands)
05.Lutgendortmund (Germany)
06.DVC Zuid-West (Belgium)
07.B-36 Torshavn (Faroe Islands)
08.Flevo Boys (The Netherlands)
09.AVC (The Netherlands)
10.HTC zwolle (The Netherlands)

DVC Zuid West Harelbeke all so at the AVC Tournament!

Unfortunately Mellendorfer tv has cancelled their participation in the tournament. But DVC from Belgium have send their confirmation. We are very happy with their participation in the tournament.

Who's next?

1. Hamburger SV (bundesliga duitsland)
2. AZ Alkmaar (eredivisie nederland)
3. SC Heerenveen (eredivisie nederland)
4. B-36 Torshavn (eredivisie faroer eilanden)
5. DVC Zuid - West (hoogste klasse belgie)
6. Lutgendortmund (regionalliga duitsland)
7. Flevo Boys (1e klasse nederland)
8. AVC (2e klasse nederland)

Latest news December 9th 2007

We are very proud to announce that two teams from the new premier league of the Netherlands, S.C. Heerenveen and AZ, will participate in our International Tournament! AZ is currently the no. 1 of the Netherlands.

Participants so far:

01. Hamburger SV (Germany)
02. B-36 Torshavn (Faroe islands)
03. SC-Heerenveen (the Netherlands)
04. AZ Alkmaar (the Netherlands)
05. Lutgendortmund (Germany)
06. Flevo Boys (the Netherlands)
07. AVC Sexbierum (the Netherlands)


Already four teams are known !

As B-36 Torshavn already signed up for the tournament, Hamburger SV and Lutgendortmund have also confirmed to be participating in our Tournament in august 2008.

As organization we are very pleased with this, since Hamburger SV is a very successful team of Germany and the world champion!

The final negotiations will take place this week with Belgian and English teams. We will keep you informed.

Tournament 1st and 2nd of August 2008

At this moment Tjamme Valk, Piet Nieuwenhuis and Jaap Dries Hiemstra are already busy with the preparations of the new tournament that will take place at the 1st and 2nd of August 2008. This tournament will certainly be a great success as well. The first participants already signed up namely B-36 Torshavn, the no 2 of the Faroe Islands.


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